The Psychology of Color

Psychology of Color Interior Design 3D Renders

The Psychology of Color

Ever thought about decorating your house’s interior but don’t know which color to pick? This article might hold the answer.

They may seem like details, but these “little details” constitute 90% of our subconscious decision to choose something and they affect us in our everyday lives. Before deciding which color goes where, you need to learn what each one represents and how it can influence your mood.

Let’s take the primary colors:

  • Red represents strong emotions like passion and love
  • Green exhibits tranquility and health as well as nature
  • Blue stands for serenity and peace and is preferred by men
  • Yellow symbolizes cheerfulness warmth and gives you energy

While these 4 colors might guide you in the right direction, interior design is not an easy task. If you ever find yourself in a dilemma don’t hesitate to contact a specialist.

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