Star Wars Dreams Brought to Life

Star Wars Interior Design

Star Wars Dreams Brought to Life

If you’re interested in how people have integrated Star Wars into their lives you have come to the right place.

As we all know, Star Wars has a tremendous follow as it was one of the pioneers if not the main in the upbringing of Sci-fi to the cinema and the main screen. Featuring never before seen special effects, Star Wars was truly revolutionary. This applies not only as a movie but also as a movement that pushed the boundaries beyond what was previously known.

As such, there are millions of Star Wars fans and some have gone further than just gathering highly valuable collectibles and have decided to overhaul a part of their own house so they can forever live within the atmosphere of the movie.

The first interior belongs to a boy’s room.
The design came from the father’s passion for the Star Wars universe and the saying of the mother in not overdoing things.

Star Wars Bedroom Star Wars Bedroom










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In the more business side of things, we have people passionate about Star Wars even in their working environment.
As such they have integrated part of the design and patterns into their office.

Star Wars Office Star Wars Office










Read more about the office here:

Last but definitely not least, we have a couple of home theatres which would be most befitting to completing a full circle.
From movie to interior design and back to the screen where it all began is indeed a journey that most would not take but we are grateful to the ones who are brave enough because we can have interesting designs as these. Enjoy!

Star Wars Theatre Star Wars Cinema

Star Wars Theatre Star Wars Cinema















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Featured image © by Justin M. Maller