Space Maximization

Space Maximization

Living in a big house is not that difficult, after all, you have all that space to fill with furniture. What if all of a sudden, your space shrunk and you would be forced to use each square centimeter to its fullest. This is what this post is all about.

Small spaces are really the places where imagination shines, they enable you to challenge yourself and try to come up with the best solutions in order to maximize your space as well as your comfort.

The first example I’d like to show you is a project called Casual Loft Style Living by Maxim Zhukov.
Russian designer Maxim Zhukov used his 3-room loft to its fullest potential and turned it into an open-space home for both work and rest.

Space Maximization

A second project is something more modest, named Small Wooden Box Home in Portland.
This couple decided that their house should be smart, not wasting any space and that’s why they decided to carefully furnish it, inch by inch.

Small Wooden Box Home

Meet the LEGO-Style Apartment.
One final design comes in a really compact housing, with the furniture itself transforming into the kitchen, bedroom, hiding the toilet and even the dining table.

Lego-Style Apartment

For more similar projects you can find them on this wonderfully crafted article over on Hongkiat:

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  • Tudor C.

    / 22 March 2016 at 21:46

    Interesting article, but the discussion is much much different when it comes to maximizing available space.