Architecture redefined.

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It is our mission to help you visualize your unmade habitat, be it through architecture, interior design or meaningful concepts.

By redefining architecture we seek to change the perception of architecture from engineering to art. Each construction is it’s own masterpiece tailored to your unique needs. We aid your vision through highly detailed photo realistic 3D renderings, accurate 2D drawings as well as real-time animations in a swift timespan.


“Form over function”
The actual aesthetics
of a construction matter
as much as its purpose
but the first impression
is usually given by
the visual impact that
it has, in regard to its
neighbouring buildings
or the area it’s raised in.
Engineering meets art
and through careful
balance we will create
a sustainable edifice.

Interior Design

“Your Home should
tell the story of
who you are, and
be a Collection of
what you Love.”
― Nate Berkus
Interior design is
more than just
picking out furniture
in order to fill a
room. It is meant
to complement your
personality, your
needs and to fit
certain requirements.
Behind each great
design there is an
even greater story.

3D Renderings

Previewing your
project before it’s
established allows you
to tweak and perfect
any of the aspects
presented when starting
a new project, be it a
home, office, private
or public space.
Through accurate, highly
detailed photo realistic
renderings even the small
details will matter
and the finished product
will assist you in
implementing the design.


An even better
opportunity to
experience interior
design or architecture
is to be able to watch
a real-time presentation.
This will enable you to
feel out the location as
a standalone finished
design and give you a
first hand experience at
how the space will feel
like, once the project
is completed.

Our Team

We are 4 full-time architects, each with their own strengths, allowing us to focus individually on different aspects of a project in order to deliver it in a timely manner. We are our worst critics and this motivates us to always improve and become better versions of ourselves each day.

Razvan Alioani

Co-Founder & Architect

Clients & Partners

Our clients & partners are our #1 priority and we work together to conceive masterful architectural and interior design projects. To a healthy long collaborations!