The Window as Intermediary Space

      The imagination represents one’s capacity, as a human being, to create new images or ideas based on perceptions, portrayals or concepts previously known. The images that result are the byproduct of the imagination and are directly linked to each individual’s experience.       If we were to try and summarize architecture […]

Plus House Larvik ZEB Pilot

Zero Energy House

The ZEB Pilot House, also known as Plus House Larvik by the architecture firm snøhetta is envisioned to be a Zero Emission Demonstration Building near the norwegian town of Larvik. The dwelling serves as a platform for assisting knowledge of ‘plus houses’, which produce more energy than they use. The project describes a single family house, however, the building is primarily intended […]


Maison Terrebonne began as a split level bungalow, a familiar sight in the 1990s, situated on a wooded lot in Terrebonne, Québec, Canada. La SHED architecture took on the extreme renovation and created the new, contemporary residence on the same foundation as the original house. Besides the foundation, the only other element they kept in the new […]


We’re constantly running across photos of truly jaw dropping staircases. So much of the time, stairs look as if they were ignored until the last minute of the design process, but not in these cases. Check out some of our favorite modern staircases that we’ve come across: Let’s start out with a staircase we’ve talked about before: Ribbon Stairs. […]