Architecture and Gaming

The wonderful relationship between architecture and gaming

At first glance you might not think that architecture has any type of relationship with gaming, but you might find yourself to be in the wrong.

What most people get wrong is that architecture is an integral part of any game. At its core lies the space in which the action takes place, which is comprised of 3D Modelling. Before this modelling takes place someone needs to map out the required space and so an architecture sketch comes into play.
This is pretty much how all games tend to evolve, they start from a sketch and end being built around a game engine which adds the story, characters and the action.
There are also games that either copy architecture itself. They work around it in order to let your imagination roam free in order for you to create your heart’s desire.

Archdaily has a couple of games which truly appreciate architecture for what it is: Archdaily Article


Today we’ll talk about Minecraft. What is Minecraft? Minecraft is a survival game that allows you to build anything you can dream of, from a small hut to a grand castle. You work your way up by mining all sorts of ores, from iron up to diamond. The game basically gives you some tools and an infinity of possibilities for you to choose from. The way you play it is up to you!

There are also those who choose to go above and beyond. These individuals make amazing scenery combined with outstanding craftsmanship and the result is spectacular. Here are a couple of screenshots from what you can accomplish in Minecraft:

Minecraft Winterfell Game of Thrones Architecture

Minecraft King's Landing Game of Thrones Architecture

Minecraft Pyke Game of Thrones Architecture


This game is so complex that even the most renown firms recommend. Even Bjarke Ingels have spoken up about the endless possibilities in the game. As such, they firmly believe that modern architecture should be more like Minecraft itself in this article here.

For those interested in the youtube link you can check it out here:

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  • I’m waiting for the day I hear the story of an architecture firm hiring somebody on their Minecraft creations, or a position in urban planning opened up specifically to players of cities: skylines, that’d be grand.

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