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Star Wars Interior Design

Star Wars Dreams Brought to Life

If you’re interested in how people have integrated Star Wars into their lives you have come to the right place. As we all know, Star Wars has a tremendous follow as it was one of the pioneers if not the main in the upbringing of Sci-fi to the cinema and the main screen. Featuring never […]

Psychology of Color Interior Design 3D Renders

The Psychology of Color

Ever thought about decorating your house’s interior but don’t know which color to pick? This article might hold the answer. They may seem like details, but these “little details” constitute 90% of our subconscious decision to choose something and they affect us in our everyday lives. Before deciding which color goes where, you need to learn what […] 3D Interview

“Our love for 3D visualizations started along with our love for architecture, when we realized that sometimes architectural visualizations can become as challenging as the architecture itself.We try to establish a good relationship and to maintain a good communication with our clients so we are always in touch with their requests. We never do just […]

The Window as Intermediary Space

      The imagination represents one’s capacity, as a human being, to create new images or ideas based on perceptions, portrayals or concepts previously known. The images that result are the byproduct of the imagination and are directly linked to each individual’s experience.       If we were to try and summarize architecture […]

Plus House Larvik ZEB Pilot

Zero Energy House

The ZEB Pilot House, also known as Plus House Larvik by the architecture firm snøhetta is envisioned to be a Zero Emission Demonstration Building near the norwegian town of Larvik. The dwelling serves as a platform for assisting knowledge of ‘plus houses’, which produce more energy than they use. The project describes a single family house, however, the building is primarily intended […]